Vintage Strawberry Mama and Me Cup Set

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Mama, Grandma, or Auntie will love this matching cup set.

Designed in a pretty pattern that adults and littles will both appreciate, saying "cheers" has ever been so cute. Vintage feeling strawberry plants sweetly wrap around these cups. The sippy has a removable clear top that can be set aside when it is time to transition to a toddler mug. We are very proud of this easy to clean melamine mug. Not only does it come in a pattern that mama will enjoy, the top is easy and fast to push onto the mug and stays sealed!

We have tested this cup for over a year at home, and despite many dishwasher cycles, the cup's seal has stayed perfectly tight, no leaking except through the small drinking holes where liquid should come out.  ** PLEASE NOTE this sippy does not have a slow drip.

The design will withstand the dishwasher and stay bright and cheery too! Sippy cup is 100% melamine. BPA free.

Made in United States of America